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RIP Walter Cronkite


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He's not been much in the public view for years, though he did various less-known gigs (ex.: he voiced the Ben Franklin character on a saturday morning cartoon show about rambunctious teenage journalists during the USA war of independence).

I've heard he really rankled at being retired from the main desk at CBS.


One thing on which I reflect sometimes: in the 1960s Cronkite, Brinkley, etc. might read 60 stories during the course of a 1/2 hour broadcast. Today we're lucky if they cover 10.

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No doubt.


He stated himself his only regret was stepping down from the anchor position too early (age 65) - he said he regretted that decision every day since.


From a news story on TV, it was said he was forced to retire because 65 was the age you had to retire at the network.. He did not like it but accepted it.

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