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Many sounds or few at live gigs....

Phil Aiken

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99% of the time it's just B-3 and Rhodes/Wurly tones for me (and Clav when we do "Tell Me Something Good"), so I mostly just use my NE2 through the Leslie (I don't have an amp or powered monitor, and we only have one channel on the board for me.) Covers the bases I need, fits in my dinky hatchback, sounds good, and is easy to use. My previous gig rig (original Triton and Yamaha S80) pretty much gather dust in the corner these days. Next board will be an XK-3c, with the NE2 on top relegated to EP and Clav, which is the role it plays on the rare occasion I can actually bring one of the Hammonds out.


Todd A. Phipps

"...no, I'm not a Hammondoholic...I can stop anytime..."

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It all depends on the music you play. In my blues band I only need Hammond and Acoustic Piano, so I use my Hammond XK3C System and a GEM RPX for my acoustic piano sound (which I trigger from the lower keyboard of my XK3c).
'55 and '59 B3's, Leslies 147, 122, 21H, Motif XS7, Mellotrons M300 and M400, Wurlitzer 200, Gibson G101, Vox Continental, Mojo
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Basic pop and rock originals and rearrangements only.

No covers from the 80s.


I try to fine tune the basics: bright and flat acoustic pianos; rhodes and wurly; overdriven harpsichord and clavinet, four organs (hammonds clean to heavy distort + combo), vibes- and marimba-like patches and a couple of mellow synth leads. . .about 15 edited sounds at the ready. And all in one magic box.

"The Doomer allows the player to do things beyond which are possible without the accessory."
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