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Unhappy with S90ES Pianosound and Brasssection.


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I love my S90ES.


But I need a few Sounds better than I have.

I'm sure the S90ES is able to do this. Because really good Keyboardplayers use this board and they have great sounds. But I don't manage very good with this.


First of all the ac. Piano Sound. I have the first sound, with less reverb and little Eq for playing it at home. And I really like it.


I would like to have another one more powerful too. but I didn't manage. More n the rd 700 sounds or the cp 300 from Yamaha or even the new MotifXS piano. I Like this Really good for POP!!!!



But the real problem is when gigging.

Special when playing in my loud rockband it sometimes sounds too powerful. but when I eq it sounds too less. not deep.

Therefore i would eed to sounds. One for playing ballads and so on (often with verse or intreo JUST Piano so an other sound than the second for Rock Piano when playing with the hole band (and guitars).


I Like the Piano Sounds from Joe Cocker or Elton John. And they have Yamaha Digitalpianos and the keyboarder of cocker also has a s90es!! So there must be more in it but I cannot use it.




The Other problem is the brass section. I would need brass sounds for songs like (Let Me Entertain You, Hot fudge, I Feel Good, Walking On Sunshine and so on)


How could I get this? I bought some Voice Sets but I'm not happy with it in THESE sounds.


I like the "playkeys 80spop rock" and the "leads" from the same distibuter.

There I saw what can ahppen to the S90ES when anybody knows what he/she is doing.


I tried the easy Sound Stage & Studio but 1st the Piano is not forthe S90ES, it is for the Motif ES and I think the additional samples are better.

and the Brass sounds are not better than the preset ones.



Maybe I would need a performance or Multi fore more differnent parts and sounds. I tried it but didn't get any good result.



I hope you can help me.

Maybe show me where to get these Sounds, or maybe sent me somethin per mail? :rolleyes:


This would be so great. Thank You very very much. I'm keyboarder not a sound programmer. that's my problem.




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Check out the Natural Grand sound in the General Midi bank (I think it's in the S90es?), I use that a LOT.


As for brass...I'm never happy with brass unless there's 4 or 5 layers of different instruments, and in those cases, sometimes synthetic is better when combined with "realistic" brass.

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Natural Grand is also my go to piano. Doesn't sound like Elton though. You need EQ for that. Brass tricks are down to layering and some basic programming - layer 2 trumpets and 2 trombones. Delay the 2nd trombone envelope slightly. Alter the envelope or filter resonance of the the 2nd trumpet just a notch, Detune the 1st trombone a few cents. You're after the sound of 4 players playing together, not playing exactly the same in terms of articulation, tuning and tone.

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I'm keyboarder not a sound programmer. that's my problem.

The S90ES is a powerful synthesizer. The preset sounds are a starting point.


Not quite a 'sound programmer' but you will have to tweak the sounds in the S90ES to make them fit your music better.


By no means does the S90ES replicate every sound perfectly. However, it does minimize calling up the entire orchestra.


Dig into your S90ES beyond playing the keys. Tweak the sounds.


Playing in a band, make sure you playing through a decent amplification system too. :cool:



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Prof D is right that preset sounds are a starting point. The ES series has some very good editing capability. The most basic is the EQ. Each voice has 4 EQ parameters. I've played the XS "Pop" piano sound and yeah, its good for cutting through a band. You can select your favorite piano sound on your ES and reduce some of the MID RANGE FREQUENCIES, you can also increase the MID-HIGH section and bring up the BASS section a bit too. You can audition your changes before you save it.


You've heard other players with the same board as you have get excellent results, you just have to work on the sounds to get them where you like. You can also get some advice on www.motifator.com.



Mike T.

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Sadly (at least for me) a keyboardist has to know about his gear, and know about programming to a certain degree. What would you do if you were a guitar player? Would you just plug a TS9 in and expect SRV sound ?
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I rememebr there was a customer loyalty download available back a couple years ago for the S90es which had a S700 piano sound... people went apeshit over it... still today the motifator boards go on and on about it.


I could point you in the right direction to get this if you need


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Wait!!! The S90es already has the S700 sample factory installed.


When the S90ES was introduced, Yamaha also introduced new piano voices based on the S700. These are triple-strike voices (meaning the piano is sampled at 3 different velocities and these samples are played back according to how hard the keys are played. In addition, the S90ES piano voices added the ability to do half-pedaling - something none of the Motif class synthesizers had to that point.


Im surprised to hear a S90es guy not like the piano sound.


It was motif downloads that were made available for sample loading after that S90es piano sample became so popular


Motif XS8, MOXF8, Hammond XK1c, Vent

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