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How to clean keyboard


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I have a Yamaha KX88 that I just purchased that is in great condition cosmetically but has some dust on the surface casing and also dust in spaces between the keys that I can't seem to get to with my dust rag. So I don't mess up the finish can someone tell me the best solution I need to use to clean this and also how do you get between the crevaces at the very top of the keys (where the felt pad is) to get that area clean. There's also areas on the casing that I just can't seem to get in between to clean. I don't want to use windex or something that could mess up the finish.



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First, download the manual off the Yamaha website.


Use a slightly dampened cloth with no solvents; a little bit of dish detergent is okay. First, though, for dust between the keys, get yourself a compressed air canister from any place that sells computer accessories (usually used for cleaning dust from, of all things, computer keyboards and electronic components that are static sensitive). Use that to get the majority of the dust dislodged, then use the damp cloth to do final cleaning.


For the smaller gaps, use a cotton swab (avoid cheap Wal-Mart or dollar store swabs, they come apart too easily; proper Q-Tip brand has always served me well for this) dipped into the water/detergent mix.


Congrats on the acquisition, and enjoy!


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