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Hmmm, anyone want to pay 10K for this?


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I was flipping through the Musicians Friend catalog and came across the "Parker Adrian Belew Signature Fly Electric Guitar. I know it's loaded with features, but almost 10K for a Parker?




I do like the color... :freak:





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Well the first letter is N, and there`s only one more.

I don`t know, I don`t connect with Parker in general-too much of an `ice queen` vibe for me. There is what you need and it will deliver what you paid for and don`t expect a hug. Maybe it`s the lack of body material.

Same old surprises, brand new cliches-


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I do like the color...


Clearly the color has been carefully selected to appeal to you.

Thus the extent of modern targeted marketing.


I'd suggest finding paint of the same color & making a holiday project of guitar re-furbishing! ;)

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It appears to be a really cool guitar all around- and talk about versatility!- but, uhmn, no, thanks, I think I could get by quite nicely in the guitar department for a leetle beet less than that... :thu:

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