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guitarists doing something you never associate with them

d  halfnote

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You dare to ask, d




Yup. I would have never believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes. Dio needs to sit down with him and say", Uh Ritchie....I was just singing about that stuff as fantasy, it wasn't meant to be taken literally."



This picture is priceless, and I'm sure Ian Gillan laughs himself to sleep every "night":



The chick is pretty hot, but there is no woman hot enough to get me to dress up like that and make a fool of myself







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Here's something I just got hipped to...

sorry, I mean "to which I just got hipped"...



Check the entry for Oct 1st which features pics of Stevie taking the bess to "Show & Tell" at school!


& speaking of Vai, here's something his one-time boss did...

on TV...


& in the movies...


(When I met Gail Z last year, she claimed Frank hated the Monkees...if only I'd known)

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