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"War Pigs." Two Basses?

The Bear Jew

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I confess I don't have any "it shouldn't be there" examples that come to mind. I'll offer one "I can't believe they did that it's so cool" moment. I go way back to the late 80s - Michael Penn's first album. From the liner notes, the drums were programmed. It impressed me at the time, because back then I thought of drum programming as one "beat" (like on cheap keyboards that have a "rcok 1" and "rock 2" option). This is much more complex (though why they didn't use a drummer I have no idea).


The song is This And That. At the end they repeat the refrain twice. In the second line of the second refrain, he says "I'll do this" and you hear a flourish of castanets. It is brilliant!!


The "never fully respected" band ELO cracks me up every time i hear their early song Ma-Ma-Ma-Belle. It starts with a strong guitar riff that has rests in it. He plays it twice before the band comes in, except early in the second time the drummer hits the high-hat once in a rest. It's so incongruous it's hysterical - I couldn't handle hearing that song without it.




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Things like that are cool as hell... like the part in the breakdown of Thin Lizzy's "The Boys are Back"--the three little hi-hat accents in there are kind of superfluous, but they're also totally iconic and memorable, too.



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