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Just Plain Folks Nominations.


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Does anyone know anything about the JPFolks organization? As a CDBaby seller I had submitted my (our) CD "Experience of Space" info to them as suggested by CD Baby themselves and the song "Vesuvio" has been nominated as Best Ambient song for 2009.




I have no idea if this is an important thing or not, but well, a bunch of songs have been selected between 560k, as they say! That's not bad, really....in the Ambient group there are 20 nominations...it tickles my ego quite a bit... :)

Guess the Amp

.... now it's finished...

Here it is!



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I was also nominated in the ambient category (for both album and song). I was a little confused, as the album that was nominated came out five years ago, and I had never heard of the contest and hadn't sent anything in to them. I have to assume the record company that put out the CD sent it in before they folded. At first, I thought it might be one of those contest scams (where you "win" as long as you send them money"), but I e-mailed them, got an immediate response, and the guy knew exactly which CD was mine (my CD is a double CD where you can play each on at the same time), and filled me in on the contest. Although I had never heard of it, they've been around for several years, have corporate sponsors, and just want to help promote lesser-known music.



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