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Stingray + Sansamp problem


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My Stingray dont fit with the Programmable 3 button Sansamp preamp. I´d try a lot of combinations, pad button, tweaking knobs, going to a power section of my GK, going to a semipro sound card. A nasty distorted bass sound, something like a clipped signal its the sound that I hear. A very very light playing style cure the problem, but its insanely light to play normally. After reading and reading forums, friends and pseudo techs, I have the same response: the bass preamp it´s overdriving the sansamp. "Don´t put your bass volume pot all the way up". The situation its worst with 18V preamps like Bongos. The fact is, at half volume, the bass don´t have the same tone and feel like at full volume. My 3 eq pots are at the detent. I´d read a lot of users post that the Stingray Sansamp combination its a dream combination. Not for me. Unpluggin the Ray and pluggin my 74 P don´t show the issue.

Sansamp manual say that the input signal level of the unit should be clode to a standard electric guitar (-10db/250mV). Somebody knows the output voltage of the Stingray (2005) preamp?

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Hmmm...I've not had this issue w/ my StingRay and SansAmp (not the programmable version). I'll retest this weekend.


Do you use any other effects? If so, something with a "gain" or "volume" knob in front of the SansAmp would let you run the StingRay full and then reduce the signal before it hits the SansAmp.


Also, with my StingRay, I often run the volume knob less than full and have been plenty happy with the tone. The preamp, though, is certainly hotter than on my other 9v active basses. Mine is from 1990.


Good luck.







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The active preamp on Stingrays (in my experience anyway) sounds almost the exact same turned down as all the way up...the only difference in sound is how hard the amp is driven. There should be a trim pot inside the control cavity of the bass to throttle back on how much gain the preamp supplies. That way you can keep the volume knob all the way up without pushing the pedal too hard.


Try that and report back. :)

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