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Newbie - Guitar value?


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Hey guys.


My friend is selling his guitar which he doesn't use and I have no knowledge of how much to pay for it or what its worth. He says it's a heartfield fender.. he wants 80 bucks for it which I know is pretty cheap... he doesn't know how much to sell it for either so does it look like its in good condition?


Sorry for the crappy pics














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That is what's called a Heartsfield Talon. It's an off-make Fender product not real expensive back then, worth less now.


Give him the $80, it's worth that.

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Note that it needs some parts, like for the locking-nut and its required allen-keys that should be there in that holder on the back of the headstock (all almost certainly available from places like Stewart-MacDonald and Allparts, among others). And the strings are supposed to pass under that "tie-bar" behind the locking-nut, not over it.


Looks like it needs a little TLC; give him at least a hundred bucks or so (he's your friend, after all) for it, and then take it to a qualified, professional guitar-repair tech/luthier, and pay them to replace any missing, worn-out, or damaged parts, and to do a complete set-up on it so it'll play right and in tune and STAY in tune for more than five minutes. It won't be too cheap, but it'll be a lot cheaper than buying a new guitar (or a used one in better overall shape and adjustment).


Once it's set-up right, you can easily learn how to do a lot of that stuff yourself, but for now save yourself the frustration of going through the learning-curve on a tremolo-equipped (that whammy-bar) guitar that's out-of-whack (in good shape overall, but surely in need of some adjustments, parts, and good old fashioned TLC).

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