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The King Of Pop.....


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Ironically, I went to see the King of Pop play at my local venue last night. Of course, round here, the term is used in a more ironic sense, referring to Dave Graney.


I'd have to say that probably neither KoP have been at their peak compared to the 1980s.

I like to move it, move it (except The Wurly which can be a bit temperamental and the 122 for obvious reasons)
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Yup. I must have been 10 years old when Thriller came out. I thought he must have been the coolest guy in the world.


We heard the news during load-in last night, and we did an impromptu instrumental Billie Jean in the middle of one of our tunes-- the singer wasn't going to touch it, but the rest of us did ok. I played the vocal melody on the PEK :)

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