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classical concerts/performers

Eric VB

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Earlier this year I got to see/hear Patrice Jackson with the Lima Orchestra. She plays cello. I recommend seeing her if you get the chance.


I'd never really seen a featured soloist in an orchestra like this before. She sat at the front of the stage, between the conductor and concertmaster, facing the audience. No stand, no music. Nothing between her passionate performance and the audience.


Feel free to add any classical concerts (perhaps a particular composition, etc.) or performers you'd recommend.

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Oh man...I wish I had recordings of some that I've seen. I remember going to a "recital" when I was in high school in which Dee Moses (principal bass with the Florida Orchestra) performed an entire program worth of solo bass repertoire with TFO backing him. It was awesome! He's a beast of a player who is severely underrated in a cultural ghetto.


Stragely enough, I've found that I'm more comfortable playing solo material in that kind of setting in front of 500 people than improving a solo at a laid back jam with friends.

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