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Performance editor for Motif ES rack????? Any such thing????


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I know Yamaha has Motif editors, and I have them, but they're for the voices and the multis, not the performances. Anybody know of a performance editor for a Motif ES rack? (On a Mac.) Gotta move lotsa things around.





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Windows-only, from John Melas. I offered to help him port it to Mac OS X, but he never took me up on the offer. His new editors for MOTIF XS series are also Windows-only. They look much easier to use than the convoluted ones from Yamaha/Soundtower, which drive me crazy as they are in constant syncing mode.


I got rid of my MOTIF-Rack ES precisely because I almost had a nervous breakdown when I tried to program Performances from the front panel. Each one took an hour or more, and all it took was one mistake to have to start over. I couldn't bear that. Life is too short to suffer such pain with so little gain.


The XS rack is easier to program and performance editing is covered in the free cross-platform editors. That was reason enough for me to upgrade. Even so, I so hate the new editors that I haven't done any Performance (Multi) saves yet. I hate that you can only use USB vs. traditional MIDI across your (trusted) interface of choice, and the always-on auto-syncing (you can fine-tune it but you can't affect the granularity).


Good luck. I recommend you trade up, or use dual boot if you have an Intel Mac and buy John Melas' excellent editors. I have a PPC Mac and have decided NOT to do dual boot once I eventually upgrade, for a variety of reasons, so am stuck with these dreadful new Soundtower editors, which are as buggy and quirky as the ones I had to pay for (Minimoog Voyager, Evolver, Prophet '08). FWIW their Kurzweil PC3 editor seems more stable.

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