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Mains conditioning, Receptor.


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As KVR Receptor forum is a bit dormant, I thought i'd ask the guys here, in particular, people who have Receptors.


I was rehearsing last night with my rev C 2gb RAM 200gb HD version. It stopped sounding and basically none of the front controls on it responded - crashed to put it in a word. This never happens at home ever, and I'm wondering as I had no filtering on it and because everyone else was powered in a large building complex if shoddy mains supply is the reason. Like I say it never happens at home. Aside from that, could sound vibration be enough to do this? It was quite a small room.


This has happened before in another commercial premises with other musicians drawing off the same supply.


Normally I do use a filtered mains plank to go into, always at home. Any recommendations?



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