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I'm sure a lot of us are at work and not with our families today, so I figured I throw it out there to hold us over until we get home...

And for those of you who are fortunate enough to have the day off to spend at home, make the most of it, relax and enjoy your families!


Happy Father's Day to all you other dads in the LDLD!





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Happy Father's Day to all!


Fortunately, I get to spend every day (in the summer when I'm off) with my daughter. That's the best part of teaching for me. Grace can't wait to have the chocolate "Cold Stone" ice cream cake later today. That's the first thing she said this morning - after my Father's Day smooch and squeeze that is. I wouldn't trade my Grace for anything.


The adventure continues as baby #2 is due in a few weeks.

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Two T-bones - 1.75" (3.3 cm) thick, 1.78 lb (0.8 kg) each. $24.00


Six ears of bi-colour corn on the cob - roasted husk on and shucked at the table - $3.00


One three-year-old, well worn, Weber Performer kettle grill - $20.00 after depreciation


Father's Day Sunday dinner (meat scraps for the girls), priceless.


Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn


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Went to church with my son Caleb today (he doesn't usually go), a blessed time. Then he came over to my house, we had lunch together, he did his laundry while I napped on the couch (got to bed at 3:00 this a.m. after a gig). We called his son/my grandson, Judah (15 mos.), and talked to him for a few minutes. My wife was working all day so it was a guy day. Perfect!


BTW, Jeremy, my son is 6'5" also. What did we feed them? :o:laugh:



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