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Have Good Delay Pedal - Good Settings for Slapback Echo?


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Keep the repeats low; play with the delay time until you get just where you like it (though that shoudln't be too high, either, for slap-back).


Experiment, experiment, experiment- it's another excuse to play (like you need one) until you get it just right.

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Yhup, no repeats (only the one echo), with anywhere from 50 to 120 milliseconds (ms) or so delay-time. Set the mix to at least 50/50, that is, with a good, strong, loud amount of the echo. B'BAP!

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I would just play around with it. I never used delay much after the 1980's, but I can tell you some cool ones are 210 ms, and 300 ms, 350 ms. I like about 1 or 2 repeats. If there are 2 I like the second to be very far away sounding so it doesn't clutter.


It depends on your goals. Sometimes it is cool to have your delay in time with the song, sometimes it is cooler if your delay has its own direction. It may be cool for it to be its own navigator for rythms or solos in a given song.


Its like reverb, wah, chorus or ANY effect including vibrato--in my opinion--it needs to be used in moderation to make it stand out more to make its statement musically. But really thats subjective.

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Yeah...you have to just turn the dials until it sounds good within the context of the song/mix you are doing.

There is no "always use this setting" that will work on everything.


In a nutshell...Slapback is a short/firm echo...as a "slap" would be.

No long tails, no long pre-delay...no heavy diffusion.


Think bathroom tile echo..... ;)

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