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RIP: Charlie Mariano


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They're all going... but I guess 84 is a good age.


I was a big fan of Charlie's work with Eberhard Weber and Rainer Bruninghaus in Weber's Colours band of the 70s. Also I loved his album 12 Trees with Jan Hammer from 1976... and also the superb October album which sounds like a missing Weather Report album at times...


An American who moved to Europe and played with a lot of different acts relating to krautrock, ethno-rock, fusion and jazz... hard to believe he was in his 50s when he was playing all that jazz rock in the early 70s... my grandfather was playing "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree" on an accordian back then... ;-)



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Sad news. I was a big Mariano fan as well. His melodic approach was really unique, and his cultural curiosity very healthy.


I wish I had not lost so many of those old '70s LPs. I have to check CD reprints...




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