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Skinny cheeks for your XK-1

Brad Kaenel

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If you own an XK-1, you probably also know that it is just *that much* too long for a standard 61-key case (if there are such things.)


My favorite flight case (http://plasticase.com/productdetails.asp?node=122&lang=en) has a 44" inside width, and the thick simulated-wood end-cheeks on the XK-1 make it almost an inch-and-a-half too long.


A little investigative sleuthing with a screwdriver revealed that the factory end-cheeks can be easily removed (after removing the bottom cover) without having to get near any delicate electronics, so I replaced 'em with a much thinner pair, custom-made out of 1/4" walnut. My XK-1 is now only 43 7/8" wide, and fits (albeit snuggly) in my flight case.


I have an actual-size template, with dimensions, in a PDF that I would be happy to share with anyone who would like to make the same mod to their XK-1...

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Ok; here's the proof it *did* happen... :thu:


The new cheek



Sleeker profile



Old cheek-ectomy



Cheek assembly






link to Cheek Template/Dimensions (Adobe PDF)



Note that I also removed the flat strip of "wood" from the top surface of the keyboard. It's attached by 5 pairs of small wood screws that screw into the underside of the strip, from inside the case. Once you have the insides exposed, 4 of these pairs of screws are easily removeable, and their locations clearly marked by notches in the case (see the green circles).


One pair, however, is covered by circuits boards. My somewhat neanderthal solution was to first remove the 8 screws I could get to. Then, I grasped both ends of the wood strip, and slowly and progressively jogged it back-and-forth until I had effectively stripped the screws most of the way out.


The strip is really just very dense cardboard, and relatively soft, so I was able to do this without any damage to the case, or disfiguring of the screw holes themselves. I then had enough "play" that I could get a flat-head screwdriver underneath the strip, and pop it off the last few threads.


The two screws then drop straight down through the holes, and fall out of the case easily with a simple tilt-and-shake.


Re-assemble, and voile!


XK-1 guts exposed


The problem screws




To get the bottom panel off, just remove every screw you see. There about 4 exceptions where the panel has holes cut in it that allow the panel to fit over the heads of some screws -- don't remove these. Additionally, there are three more screws on each end that hold the end-cheek assemblies in place.

Legend '70s Compact, Jupiter-Xm, Studiologic Numa X 73






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Brad, BIG kudos to you for sharing this excellent mod! I once did a similar thing with a Yamaha S80, so I could fit into a standard-issue SKB 76-key case, but it didn't look nearly as good as this.


Send me a PM when you get a chance with your contact info. I think we might like to run this as a Keyboard of the Month, User Tip of the Month, or some such thing, in an upcoming issue.

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