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DA7 and the Wah-Wah of the Gods

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Hey Craig, I was happy to see the your Wah-Wah article in the latest EQ... I saw/met you at Sweetwater years ago when you did the DA7 demo, and you mentioned the wah trick then, but I hadn't tried it 'til today (using the details from EQ)... Well it sounds pretty cool on a funky Tele track that we recorded this afternoon, but I can't figure out how to assign a MIDI LAYER fader to control the eq filter... As I've stated in these forums before, I'm Midignorant, so go easy on those Hexi-decimals in the explanation please... Also, could you explain how to add in the Pink noise? Thanks, [ 11-19-2001: Message edited by: 20to20 ]

Bob Phillips


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First, remember to patch the MIDI out back to the MIDI in. Hit the MIDI button until you get to the CTRL ASSIGN page. There you can choose a controller number, the parameter it will control (e.g., EQ L F), and the input containing the parameter you want to control (e.g., if you want to control the filter in Channel 1, choose channel 1). Now you have assigned a MIDI controller to the parameter you want to control. Next, hit the MIDI button again until you reach the MIDI REMOTE page. Use the cursor buttons to select the control you want to use (e.g., fader 1). Hit Enter, and this lets you assign a particular controller number to the fader. This should, of course, be the same as the controller number you assigned to the filter frequency. A few gotchas: Use the Utility button to go to USER CSTM and make sure the faders are set up for MIDI control. I think it defaults to the first 8 faders doing MIDI channel 1, and the next 8 doing audio. Also, you may need to check the MIDI setup screen (accessed by hitting MIDI several times). You may have to experiment with these parameters if you get MIDI feedback problems. I remember having to offset the transmission and reception channels with certain versions of the software, but this changed with one of the versions. Sorry I can't be more specific, it depends which rev of software you're using. As to the noise, it's easy. Hit the Utility button until you reach OSC/BATT. Select Pink, the destination for the generator (e.g., bus 1), MAKE SURE THE LEVEL IS DOWN, then click the OFF button so it's on. Turn up the level for the desired amount of noise. That's it! A lot of this is in the manual BTW. Sorry it took so long to reply, but it took a while to write this........!
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