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Best OS for Logic

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Your *only* choice right now for running Logic on a new G4 is OS 9.2.1. Logic 5 for OS X will not be released until January 7, 2002 and Logic 4.x will not run reliably under OS X's classic mode. Also, you cannot downgrade a Mac to an OS version that is older than what the Mac originally shipped with (i.e. you cannot run 9.1 on a G4 867 since all 867's ship with 9.2.1). I am running Logic 4.8.1 on a Dual 800 with 9.2.1 and it works fine.
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Thanks. So I can not install 9.1 - but this is the only English version I have. And what about OS 10.1 I heard that should work with Logic 4.8.... But if I can get good result with 9.2.1 I'll keep that.

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