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OT- JVC in-ear headphones- are they any good?

5 string Mike

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Hi all,


I have recieved an award of sorts to choose from, and one of hte items listed is a pair of JVC HAFX66B in-ear headphones, as seen here.


They seem to have pretty favorable reviews, but my interest in them is more to get used to in-ear monitors. That is one thing that worked against me in my last audition was the IEM's kept falling out. But, I don't want to use my award 'points' for junk- I did that last time on a watch.


So, has anyone had experience with these?

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Their site says freqency responce is 10Hz-23kHz (who knows what the quality is like)...but they come with 3 sizes of soft silicon rubber ear pieces and 1 memory foam ear piece as well as a compact carrying case. I don't think you'll go wrong. You're not looking for studio reference quality, just some sound isolation and a secure fit. It seems like you'd get that from these.
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