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Advice and suggestions needed here.


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I put together a Rush tribute band here in Detroit some time ago and the 3 of us are musicians of over 20 years but not much knowledge in the keyboard area. Our bass player does a great job covering the keys which I'm sure most of you agree, Geddy's keys aren't exactly Mozart. We're using a very cheap set of synth keyboards but want to get the classic "Moog" sound. A friend of mine recommended the Ensonique ASR10 sampler keyboard and to just sample the Moog sounds. Is this wise? Aren't the ASR10's kinda old? Any other suggestions within a modest budget?


Thanks for any advice givin!






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The Ensoniq ASR-10 could suffice but it is an old and temperamental sampler. Requires time and patience. ;)


The Alesis Ion or Micro recommended above could definitely work too.


Grabbing a component of Geddy Lee's current rig, you could get a Roland XV-5080 tone generator and use one of the "cheap" synth KBs as a MIDI controller. :cool:



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