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OT - Bill Bruford retires


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You gotta love how Bruford manages to use the announcement as a plug for his autobiography. Great drummer but also (sadly) knows it.


His incarnation as "Mr Arrogance" in the fantastic "Yes Rumble" WWF satire on alt.music.yes of some years ago was, I gather from a friend who's interviewed him, pretty much on the money.

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Well, Aidan, the best of men are men, at best. Jarrett can be a bit of a curmudgeon, and I've met quite a few racist jazzers as well. We all have our flaws.


I'm very glad - being here in the States - that I was fortunate to catch Bruford's Earthworks years ago at Yoshi's. It was the pure acoustic incarnation, and it still ranks as one of the three or four best and most musical shows I've ever seen.

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One of my top 5 drummers (and musicians)...a true musical pioneer. I was lucky to see Earthworks at The Catalina Bar and Grill in 2004 and talked to him a bit after the show. Like most Brits he seemed a little uppity but overall I got the impression he was actually quite humble and a nice guy to boot.


Bill Bruford was willing to try new sounds and textures (electronics) and did so in very unique and cool ways but in the 80s when YES asked him to replace his signature snare sound with a crappy 80s gated trigger...he basically said bollocks and left. This IMO is something he should be respected for.

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After 41 years of performing, Bill Bruford has announced his retirement.


More here.



he is retiring from touring:


Bruford also has a book coming out in March, Bill Bruford: The Autobiography, already available for pre-sale at many online outlets. Bruford explains, I don't feel I need further justifications or explanations with respect to my retirement from the road, but for those of an inquisitive nature, the book will explain my decision in greater depth."




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After working for 41 years, Bruford is certainly entitled to walk away and/or play on his own terms.


It not uncommon for extremely talented and/or gifted folks to have some quirkiness to them that could rub others the wrong way. :cool:





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Bummer!!! :mad:


He's always been my favorite drummer, even though I've only seen him twice. Seems to play just enough- both flash & space in the right places.


I met him once about 20 years ago.... when he was touring with Patrick Moraz. I saw him in the hotel lounge where he was staying & got him to sit & talk to me by buying him a beer. He was very nice & seemed happy to talk music, drums & gear. I asked a few too many questions about Yes & King Crimson though- he was clearly more interested in looking forward than looking back.


The other time I saw him was the Yes "Union" tour. The thing that impressed me about him & Alan White is that they were the only 2 of the duplicate players that sounded like they actually got together in a room & figured out how to creatively & collectively approach the task at hand.

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heh...well I've been married to a girl from Ole' Blighty for 12 years now.


here's a clip of Bruford from 1979 with the fantastic keyboard player Dave Stewart and equally amazing Allan Holdsworth and Jeff Berlin.



This made me flash back to seeing the band around this time, wearing out "Gradually Going Tornado" and "Feels Good to Me", and transcribing "Hell's Bells" for my jazz theory prof a few years later. MY GOD! am I THAT old?




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