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Bass Bins


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So my Dad always refers to bass cabinets as bass bins. Its an older term i guess. Well i just came across someone selling a cab on craigslist and they called it a bass bin.


Anyway, my point is that we should start calling them bass bins again. I personally am gonna do my best to revive the term.


I also think that C Alexander C should call his homemade cabs bins.


So, anyone try any cool new bass bins lately?




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Rather that perpetuate such misinformation, I would just correct your father; generally, bass bins refer to horn-type subwoofer enclosures.


My experience also.

I worked for World Wide Sound when I was in college and they always referred to the bottom of the stack as bins. They were generally huge because the mindset was "the bigger the box, the bigger the boom" and they were indeed boomy as hell with very little actual low frequency definition.


I used to own a couple and hauled them around for years. They were useless for bass and so big noone wanted to buy them so I demolished them and took the truck load of materials to the dump.


"He is to music what Stevie Wonder is to photography." getz76


I have nothing nice to say so . . .


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Now that i think of it he might have been talking about bass bins in a PA context. He probably was actually. Damn, im gonna start callin em enclosures then, because cabinet is a weak term for something so powerful. Good point on the UK bin=trashcan thing, i absolutely knew that and didn't think of it.


Ok feel free to ignore this meaningless topic



unless you want to turn it into a debate about combos flavors

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Ok, Rocky. Proud that I clicked in before you on the horn loaded thing. But I have no idea why that is the appropriate term. Any insight on the history of bass bins that made them be called bins?

Things are just the way they are, and they're only going to get worse.

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