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The Who: Success Story - transcription in progress...help!

Stuart Clayton

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Hi all,


As some of you know, I'm busy working through the transcriptions for the upcoming release of 'The John Entwistle Bass Book'. I've just transcribed the bass part for 'Success Story' but have read several references on the Internet to John having used his Rickenbacker 8-string on this track. This is confirmed by John in 'Bass Culture', the big book of his basses. It actually sounds to me as though the 'guitar part' for this song (check out the intro) may have been played on 8-string bass. Does anyone know for sure? I cannot find any live footage of this track so cannot be certain.


I'm sure there are some Entwistle fans here that can help shed some light! If so, please get in touch by either replying to this thread or sending me a PM.




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I can't help you on the above, but as I'm in Ilfracombe fairly frequently, I'd be delighted to sup a pint with you & listen to your tales..............





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Pity, googling around there seems to be some archived discussion of this on the Ric forums. But they're down just now.


From other sources it seems there were only two of the 8 string Ric in question ever made. One for Mr. E and another for some character named Squire.


Sorry, thought I could help.

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That's most definitely an 8-string bass playing that "guitar" part on that song. It has a super twangy EQ treatment going on but that is a bass. You can also hear it in the playing. That is Entwistle playing that line.
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