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[quote]Originally posted by lisenco@casema.net: [b]Hi, Anyone using Steinberg's Halion? It looks good on paper [img]http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/wink.gif[/img] Problem for me is: no MP3 demo, no demo program. How can I check this program? [/b][/quote] Hi, I'm using Halion with good results. Works well and sounds as good as your computers audio card. I run it on a Mac G4/400 with the internal sound card for monitoring and that works for me. It does take a bit of processor power however so don't expect to really go to town with it as you would with an standalone hardware sampler. What I usually do is drive it to the breaking point and then render the MIDI track to audio tracks, mute the MIDI tracks and then load new sounds in Halion and continue from there. Not the optimal way of working but it sure is cost effective. Cheers, Mats Nermark
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