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I finally got Reason and DP3 to work together. Here's what I did:

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After much hair pulling desk pounding profanity flying and basically tears, I finall got DP3 and Reason to work together the way they are supposed to. If anyone else is having problems, here's what worked for me: 1. FreeMIDI should be set to use OMS (I only have it set this way when I'm using reason with DP, otherwise, leave it on FreeMIDI only.) 2. Configure OMS to your system. Make sure you are showing the IAC bus in your configuration. This bus seems to be the important link. 3. double click the IAC bus in the config window, and name it "Reason Bus", or something similar. 4. Launch DP, then Reason (I'm 99% sure of that order, but I'm not at the studio now to double check. - so don't flame me if I got it BW.) 5. Set up a stereo Aux Track. Reason's outputs should appear in the input window of the aux track. Select Reason L/R as the input.(you could also select any of Reasons outputs, as long as a signal is routed to them in Reason's hardware section (top of rack.)) 5. Set up a MIDI track. Select "Reason Bus" - the IAC bus we set up in OMS, as the MIDI instrument. 6. Make sure both the Aux track and the MIDI track are in record ready mode. With this setup, I am able to jump back and forth between Reason and DP, while audio is playing. I am using the extended keyboard to run the transport, which will work regardless of which program in "in front" I hope this will help anyone who was as frustrated as I was. Andrew
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