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Some classical stuff I've been working on.

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The single guitar parts are the strongest, from a compositional perspective. The multi-tracked sections seem to be the thinnest - it feels like you leaned too hard on some "gee-whiz" techniques like the trem picking during those passages, instead of concentrating on developing the actual song harmonically and melodically.
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Thanks for listening!


I'm not quite sure what you mean by thinnest, though, could you elaborate?


Now, there are two sections of trem picking.. on the starts about 9 seconds in, and one at the end.. to me trem picking has always been a way of artificially generating sustain, and I tried to use it to fatten up a line while maintaining melody, which is why I'm a little confused.


Once again, thanks for listening, and your criticism is much appreciated.

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Ok, interesting.


Just to be clear, we're talking about the sections 0:08 till 0:14 and and 0:48 until 1:05? I'm concerned because I had a very opposite impression of what I was doing there, from a compositional perspective.

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First, let me applaud your skills overall.


Everyone has their own perspective & goals for a composition, of course, but to me the accompaniment starting about :14 seemed too staccato. Similar parts just before that & later, in the second half, where you sustained the last 1/4 note each measure were less distracting...to me, at least...& that staccato effect worked better under the "duet" section starting about :20.

The tempo may make sustained/tenuto playing more difficult (it also seems to be a bit rushed in a couple spots) but since you're already multi-tracking, maybe you'd consider making that a multi-guitar part with the chords divided & alternated...


I enjoyed the intro, with it's "almost-too-many-notes" runs & also the dynamics of the tremolo backing in the second part but my fave parts were the ending of the first part, the "searching" single-note part that followed & esp. the ending to that section.

It quite reminded me of a particular composer, though I don't suspect you of copying the part.


Nice work.

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