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Can someone write a song parody for my brother overseas?

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Yeah, well, I told him I would write him one yet I have no idea how. I wanted to add it to top off my letter, you see, and now I'm in a very tight spot. Please help, won't you?


His nickname is Wino.

He's OBSESSED with clowns.

He LOVES to be insulted.

He's highly intellectual.


That's pretty much all I want to divulge, and all I assume is needed. I want a parody of his favorite song by the Pixies:





Wave of Mutilation


cease to resist, giving my goodbye

drive my car into the ocean

you'll think i'm dead, but i sail away

on a wave of mutilation

a wave



i've kissed mermaids, rode the el nino

walked the sand with the crustaceans

could find my way to mariana

on a wave of mutilation,

wave of mutilation

wave of mutilation



wave of mutilation




If ANYONE wants to try and help me, please feel free. It would surely lift his spirits if you did. I hope I'm not asking too much now... but it DOESN'T have to be perfect!






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I'm actually pretty handy with satirical stuff, but I'd definitely have to hear the original before I could make a stab at this, because it's more than lyrics, it's the rhythmic vocal delivery, the tune, the mood, etc that drive a parody more than anything else.
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