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Rock Band


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I haven't seen it yet. I had a look at SingStar last night and started a thread on it




...is Rock Band any different? Please tell me it is. :D


Not familiar with that one, but Rock Band ships with a set of USB drums (four and a kick drum), a guitar, and a mic. You can "play" up to four parts (add a second guitar as a bass) and you have to hit the notes using the strum bar while holding one of 5 different colored "frets". If you don't do well you get booed off stage. The drums were a lot of fun, although I was just playing on the easy setting.


It has nearly 60 popular songs including KISS, Rush, AC/DC, etc. They're the real songs, not copies, and you have to hit the notes for them to play properly in the game. At the harder settings it's like playing the real thing. I have a buddy who's a decent drummer and he doesn't last 30 seconds on the expert setting of a Rush song. It's like having to play like Neil Peart.


Anyhow, it's a ton of fun. I know, sounds stupid, but trust me, it's a blast.

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