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Organ Swell Pedals


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Hi there. I got a Nord Stage 76 for Christmas and it's awesome :D


However, I'm looking to buy a Swell Pedal for it to control the dynamics while playing the replicated organ sounds.


After having a quick search myself, I didn't have much luck. I'm guessing demand for these pedals is low and is a niché market. Could anyone point me in the right direction to get a good Swell Pedal for my Nord Stage 76 organ?





Plays on a Nord Stage 76
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From the Stage manual:


Different makes of control pedals have different specifications

(resistance, offset and linearity). To simplify

setup and to optimize the response of the pedal for

the Nord Stage, the most common pedal makes are

preconfigured, and you simply select the type of

pedal you connect. Roland, Yamaha and Fatar are

linear control pedals with different scaling and offset.

Ernie Ball pedals (ErnieB) are marketed as volume

pedals, with a logarithmic response, but the response

is rescaled internally in the Nord Stage to make them

work nicely as control pedals. They may need a Ycable

(stereo plug -> 2 mono plugs) to work with the

Nord Stage.



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