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OT (SPAM) -- Fender Rhodes for sale


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The girlfriend of a friend of mine is selling her Fender Rhodes. I told him I'd post this here before she lists it on Ebay. Lots of pictures to look at, and the thing is beautiful. She needs to unload it by mid January.


Needs a tiny bit of work here and there, but it appears to be in great shape overall. She's asking $750.


The following is what she wrote:


"I have the Mark I Stage Piano which was created between 1969 and 1975. This was the last model to be created with wooden teardrop piano hammers instead of cheap plastic parts which are used in later models. Mine has the wooden hammers. It is the Seventy-Three model due to it having 73 keys. Two of the keys need a little tweaking, but still make a sound. One of them is key #61. It is simply missing the damper felt. There seems to be a loose wire at the output jack. This is preventing sound from traveling to the amp. There does not appear to be any damage at the plug, so I believe this would also be a simple fix for someone who knows how to. Overall, my piano is in beautiful shape. The case has some wear and tear, but I've never replaced anything on it and I've taken pretty good care of it for the past 22 years. The keys look absolutely perfect, not a blemish on them. It has all of the legs and the sustain pedal. One of the legs has a top that has become stuck in the bottom of the piano. I believe this can also be fixed easily enough, and I only have 2 of the 4 glass feet that fit beneath the legs.


I'm asking $750, and prefer you pick it up (I'm in Columbus, OH). I could make arrangements for shipping provided you pay for it.


Several pictures of this piano can be seen here (the serial number is in a blurry photo, but she's going to let me know what it is and I'll post that here as soon as I can get it):





If you have questions, contact Jeff Stallard at jmstallard@gmail.com.

Steve (Stevie Ray)

"Do the chickens have large talons?"

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