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Been a while...catch u up on me (if u care)


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Wow, its been a few months since I even opened up this page, good to see it still exists! Well let me explain with a list of my music taste and where I am at from where I was:

Middle School through 10th Grade - Blink 182 (CHECK THE NAME!) Don't like them anymore and the genre they represent but occasionally listen for sentimental purposes...

10th Grade - Red Hot Chili Peppers, started with Californication songs and then found Blood Sugar Sex Magik (love at first listen) and still listen to them but mostly just BSSM stuff

11th Grade - Primus Obviously I needed more bass in my life so I found out about the Great Les Claypool and been lovin it ever since, I still listen to them but mostly just Frizzle Fry material

12th Grade (now) - Tool Branched out from Primus to find more "expiremental" stuff, as Tool hardly qualifys as expiremental in todays scene, I can't believe I used to hate them and everything they represented, now all I can do is listen to Tool and love every second of it. If you have had mixed opinions about Tool like I used to, Just buy Ænima and give a thorough listen through and then again and then again and then again and enjoy and thank me later.


WHEW! That was fun now if your still reading and most likely not, politics is my new found passion and I hope to major in PoliSci in college...Never would have dreamed it.


Keep it LOW, peace.

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