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Props Once Again to the QS8.2 and Case

Zack Pomerleau

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Did two Gigs with it, it has such a great Live sound, and the other player whom I share the gig with (we alternate with bringing Keys) loves the thing.



On a different note, I had to put the Keys in the Box it came in, and now I am buying a Case. I see two for $150 this one: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gig-Skinz-Casio-PX-and-Yamaha-P-Series-Keyboard-Bag-with-Wheels-?sku=541189








I was wondering what you guys thought. I have a Gator for my Acoustic Guitar, so I know they are good.

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Get yourself a hard case. It will last better and it won't fall apart. Plus it will protect your board better.


I started with an older version of the gator case. It worked well but after a few years the straps had all come off. They really don't work with that much weight, and you can't stack anything on top of them.

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Agreed, soft cases for an 88 note board that is being gigged regularly is a recipe for destruction. However, the 8.2 is not too expensive. Maybe you could just buy another one when it dies due to a poor case or no case.
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