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So... What is good by Herbie Hancock?

Zack Pomerleau

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Just learn the chromatic scale, as that has all the notes in it. From there you can take them out or add them in as you please. Chromatic's the way to go.


...this approach has considerable advantages for other -more complicated- styles of music as well.



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Thank you guys, very helpful, have been Jamming with a cool left hand Bass Line, and with Chromatic Scale, and it is really cool. Will be getting Mark Levine's Jazz Piano Book (unless you guys recommend his other books) and then those Herbie CD's (oh, I gotta get Filmore East Miles Davis/Chick Corea). Should be a great Jam tomorrow, I am not the best Keyboard player, but I can do it hahaha.
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There is a song on that album that I always enjoyed. It's called "You Bet Your Love".
I think that if you were to see the video for that song, you might change your mind. (Un)fortunately, it's no longer on youtube...
A ROMpler is just a polyphonic turntable.
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Sure. This is a pretty good (although limited) sampling actually, from Miles stuff to Blue Note to Headhunters and beyond.


After giving something like this a listen you can find out which recordings the tunes you like are from and go and get them. That's what compilations are great for in my opinion.


Good luck with the jam tomorrow.

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You may want to also check out Herbie as a side man with Freddie Hubbard. I like the Hub-Tones CD and have enjoyed it on multiple listenings. Thats the one with the black vertical stripes on a white background.


Freddie Hubbard Website . . .


Also, I've read Freddie's 'Red Clay' and 'Straight Life' recordings with Herbie were also well received! It has been mentioned to me that some of Herbie's best work is as a side man.


Additionally Herbie w/Miles on 'Cookin ' at the Plugged Nickle' -well that one is just classic Herbie w/Miles.


And Herbie's, 'Inventions and Dimensions -(63')' and 'Speak Like a Child- (68')'. I liked those also and they a lesser know solo albums of his from the 60's. 'Inventions and Dimensions' was considered in 63' to be Herbie's 1st excursion into the

Avant-Garde by the critics but by today's standards it's pretty tame I guess. He has an African percussionist on it and it's a very rhythmically based album in an organic way.


Herbie's site . . .


lb :cool:





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I've always been surprised by Hancock's lack of trio or solo output, especially considering his stature as one the major pianists in jazz history. Look at the discography of any other pianist and you'll find a wealth of solo and trio material. In fact, most pianists perform in the trio format almost exclusively when recording under their own name. Trio is sort of the "default" format for pianists, and considering the breadth of Herbie's work over the years, it's quite shocking that he hasn't recorded any solo or trio albums that I'm aware of. He's done just about everything else, including a duo album with Wayne Shorter. It's almost as if he has specifically avoided those two formats. I suppose you could count Inventions and Dimensions as a trio album, although technically it's a quartet (piano, bass, drums, and percussion).
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