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My new Tascam US144 Interface


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Sounds great. That is my all time favorite Zep song (Song Remains version)! Great job.

Avoid playing the amplifier at a volume setting high enough to produce a distorted sound through the speaker-Fender Guitar Course-1966



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Very nice Keith! Sounds like you're having some fun! Are you going directly into the Tascam using a mic?




No. I'm using the pre-amp out on the Twin into the interface.


I'm having serious latency issues now though. I'm trying to see if I can solve it through my software (SONAR). I already updated the driver and firmware for the interface.


I'll get it eventually.


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ohhhhhhhh mann .. back to your metro. Pronto! Mister!



hehee kidding, yes that's an issssue alright, was just thinking that your Audio buffer might be to small. say 256? and you want to raise it to 512 or 768. There should be a setting in the properties somewhere that will allow you to adjust that. Don't have Sonar, but I'm sure someone here must, and can help point in the direction quicker then me.

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Yeah... I'm a drummer's nightmare. LOL!


I know what buffer you're talking about. I've maxed it, diminished it... everything I can think of.


I'll just have to RTFM on SONAR later.


In the meantime, this interface came with Cubase. I'm going to give that a shot and see how it goes. If all goes well, then I just have to figure out how to make an MP3 on it.






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HT you want to go DOWN, not up on the buffer to kill the latency .....get it at 128 and the latency will be gone. When you start mixing raise the buffer to 512 or1024 samples or whatever.


Look around and see if there is a Low Latency setting in the menu anywhere.


Another trick is to run the signal through a hardware mixer and monitor the guitar from that and not the DAW. ( Edit: I see you are monitoring from the speaker in the amp so this is all moot anyway...BUT....for when you get a POD.....)If you don't have a mixer you might want to get one. I got an inexpensive Behringer Eurorack Pro RX 1602.....I got mine for under $100, they have gone up to $109....It is a 16 channel line level mixer and it is not bad, especially for the price.


Guys like Bill@ will start having convulsions and skin crawling issues but I tell you it is fine....very low noise etc.


So the Eurorack Pro RX-1602....around $100




There are lot's available...I got this because of my lack of budget. I also got the behringer PX 2000 Patchbay for around $60.




I run my POD and soundmodules into the patchbay and then to the RX-1602 mixer. This way I can monitotr them in real time...no latency at all. When I want to record them I patch from the outputs on the patchbay to the inputs on my Digi 002 R....which in your case would be the Tascam. I have on one RX-102.....my G4 computer out's into two channels, my Mac Pro out's into two cannels, my Numark turntable into two, my POD outs into two, my Behringer Bass V-Amp outs into two, my DAT player into two, my Axon sound module out's into two and my DIGI 002R outs into two.....8 stereo pairs making 16 channels. The main outs go to my monitors.


I actually have a 2nd RX-1602 ready for when I need more stuff to add...I could do it now but I am lazy.


Anyway....for under $300 for the two units and some patch cables I have quite decent flexibilty. Later when I make some money outa here I will go to better everything...but in the menatime it works just fine.


I forgot to mention it sounds good. The first clip was all one side only but the next one was Lt and Rt. Sounds good, keep 'em coming.

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Good stuff Lister! yeah HT if you use the CuBase there is a low latency setting right in the initial setup, I haven't had any problems with latency at all with the laptop. I did do a pretty through optimization on the XP that Bill at WelcomeStudios pointed me too, that help a whole lot!! I do the hardware mixing like Fumbles said using a 16 channel Mackie mixer and I did get the patch bay to add some of the rack effects from my PA effects, in fact I got the same patch bay Fumbles got.
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How many tracks are you able to record before the latency issue occurs? The problem could be your computer's hardware speeds or simply having too many things running.


(Of course there is always the possibility that you have a faulty unit.)


I don't have the greatest computer right now but getting a better one is not an option for a few months.


So... what do I do with this unit in the meantime? I'm going to send it back.


It works great if I'm just laying out something on one track like Celebration day but when I add in a backing track, I can't resolve the latency issues.

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I had that same problem when I was running Cakewalk and using a Sounblaster Live card. Using the ASIO drivers helped, but I was never able to reduce latency enough that it was usable. Eventually, I gave up on Cubase and went to Cakewalk (Sonar) which worked fine.


Before you send that thing back from wenst it came, try shutting down all running software and stopping all unnecessary services. If you are using a crummy Sounblaster card, then try downloading the ASIO drivers and see if that helps.

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Actually, I didn't get any latency issues in Cubase (once I figured out how to use it) but I do NOT like that interface at all. I prefer SONAR.. which is giving me the problems. Also, in Cubase, I couldn't figure out how to export my music into a file. It wouldn't work and I lost patience.


I know how to do it in SONAR so that's what I'm sticking with.


I did check my services but don't see any running that shouldn't. I'll check again.


I have some kind of cheap Sigma Tel audio card on my PC. I'm sure it's crap as I only paid $500.00 for this whole system. I'll buy an entirely new and better system before I swap the crap out I have with something better.


Now... when I set the audio driver in SONAR to ASIO, SONAR would not start anymore. It would crash. Even reinstalling it produced the same results. I had to go into the registry editor and gut out the residual SONAR data and reinstall it before I could get it to work again.

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Sorry to hear that Keith.


When you switch drivers, remember that you need to rerun the Audio Scanner to find the card and set it up.


I'm sure the interface is fine but it would be a waste for me to keep it around until I get a better system.


I thought that I could get by cheaply when it comes to recording. Looks like I can't.



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