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coupla bits of Steve Lawson news..

Steve Lawson

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Hey LDLDers,


got a couple of bits of news you might be interested in about a new CD and some classes in California in January... a few of you have been along before, so I thought I'd post the deets here, in case you were interested again, or knew someone else who might be...


The news about my new Live EP can be found on my blog at http://steve.anthropiccollective.org - it's a duo with an amazing singer, and I'm really excited about it!


The bass classes are happening the weekend before NAMM - that's the 12th and 13th of January - in San Jose (the venue is in a house, so the address will be sent to you when you sign up.)


Saturday during the day will be the typical bass masterclass day - for players of any level, with plenty of time for answering questions, discussing that things that you find most often trip you up on gigs. I'll be addressing a few different things in detail, including some groove stuff, as well as recording approaches and techniques. Please post suggestions/requests for stuff here...


Saturday evening will be a HOUSE CONCERT from me and Lobelia (that's who the EP is with as well) - http://www.lobelia.net - we've been touring all this year, and a few of you saw us play back in May/June around the US... Lots of looped bass 'n' voice... Have a listen to the track on my MySpace page - http://www.myspace.com/solobassstevelawson


And Sunday will be the 'Bass 2.0' day - for people experimenting with solo bass, or just interested in some of what's possible with bass beyond basslines - what happens when you start to see the bass as an instrument rather than a role? An instrument that happens to fulfill the 'bass' role exceedingly well, but is capable of so much more... So not a shredding masterclass, more a time to look at music through the eyes of a bass player. There'll be time for you to play any solo pieces you've got work on... It'll be a smaller class than the Saturday one, and more focused... maximum 10 players...


So, the Saturday will be $70, the Sunday $120. Paying for either will get you a 'buy one get one free' for the house concert. Ticket price for concert will be $10.00.


payments for any of this stuff can be made by Paypal, PM or email me for more info, details, or anything else. :)


Is there going to be an official LDLD meet up at NAMM in Jan? I look forward to catching up with some of you there too!


take care,






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So when are you coming to NY, young man??? We're waiting...


Can't get to the Myspace page, though. Went to Lobelia's and your individual sites and it sure sounds interesting. Looking forward to hearing the clip.


Keep us informed!


-Tim from Jersey

Play. Just play.
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For $70.00 you are mad if you miss the masterclass, and then for an extra $10.00 you can go with your other half to the gig. Man you guys are lucky!!!


Taking my lessons as an experience you will go for a very unusual master class where shredding is not at all the point to be focused, as Steve mentioned, thinking the bass beyond the role and seeing it as whole instrument, it's just fantastic, the melodic approach to the 6 strings by Steve makes you think outside of the box, and transform a simple exercise in a joyful challenge.






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Hey guys, got a few more dates to add to the list -


Jan 11th, Red House, Walnut Creek, CA - playing solo and duo with Lobelia.

Jan 12th, House Concert in San Jose - after the day's masterclass

Jan 24th, Don Quixote's, Felton, nr Santa Cruz, CA - with Lobelia and Michael Manring!


should also have a show in the Long Beach area on Jan 21st too...




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Just a week away from the two masterclass days and the shows in Northern California, guys - if you want to come to either of the masterclasses (outlined in the first post in this thread, and expounded on on my blog on myspace - www.myspace.com/solobassstevelawson) please email to confirm a place.


The shows next weekend are Friday night at the Red House in Walnut Creek and Saturday night is a house concert in San Jose - email me for details and the address if you want to go...


Then it's off to NAMM, and I'm sure I'll see a few more LDLDers there...


happy new year, all!




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