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Question on CP300


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Does anyone know of any interface software for working with a Yamaha CP300? I use Studio Manager for working with my Motif ES Rack unit - and was wondering if there's an equivalent that works with the CP300. I realize that the CP300 interface is far less complicated in terms of controllable parameters than the Motif - but I've gotten used to using Studio Manager and hey, I'm spoiled! Scrolling through the 70 character pick list of letters, numbers and special characters one character at a time to pick out each letter used when spelling out a patch name is driving me absolutely nutz!


With more and more synths coming with USB ports - it sure would be nice if manufacturers would start including a simple software interace as an alternative to having to use the tiny buttons and cumbersome hardware interface to create and manage patches!

The SpaceNorman :freak:
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