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Recommend me a speaker

dead mike

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Fixing up the old 69 fender amp and need (want) new speakers. Need 2 12 inch 50 watt CLEAN sounding speakers. I want Reverend alltones but there going for 80 bucks each. i think i can find a comparable speaker for much less on ebay or the forums. So whats everyones fav clean sounding speaker.
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I like classic Jensen speakers in Fender Amps.


Me too.









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Hey Dead Mike....


I've got a Fender PRO TUBE SERIES, Concert Reverb 4/10.

It came with MADE FOR FENDER-Eminence speakers.

Now these particular ones were wimpy...which is normal because like tubes, many mfgs save money for the sell.


But....I replaced them with...yep...Eminence speakers. :D


The Concert Reverb is a 50w - hi gain amp...but it also has that classic clean sound that the Twin Reverb has, so like you, I wanted to replace those speakers with something that could still replicate that.

I also wanted speakers that could handle gain and some serious Rock & Roll!


For my amp, I went with Eminence Copperheads, but you may want to go with a different one.


Here's the site and you can play samples as well.

All the specs are provided and the prices aren't bad at all.


I highly recommend them and they are a fantastic alternative to pricey speakers without sacrificing tone or power.


Good luck. :)






Sound clips.


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I have an Eminence GB128 in my Deluxe Reverb:




It is fantastic for $70, it responds extremely well at low levels, but it sounds a bit farty at higher volumes. But you can compensate by turning down the bass a bit. If you're looking for a true reissue, than you'll want to go with a Jensen. They may cost more, but it's worth the investment.


Speaking of which:




This will probably help you out.

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My guitar amp + extension have 2x10 Celestion Vintage, and a 1x12 Celestion G12-65.

My bass speakers are a 1x15 Celestion and a 1x12 Beyma.


Figured out what I like yet? :D



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Hey man, a few years back I bought a Marshall TSL60 2/12 combo and also picked up the 1936 2/12 closed back cab.

Man...talk about a sound!! :):D


The cool thing about it...you could grab the combo and go jam real quick....or for gigs....you could bring along the 1936 and REALLY ROCK!! :)



"Just play!"
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