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OT- Xmas and other celebrated gift giving...


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This year for chirstmas, the middle one (11) want's drum lessons which is iffy, since he didn't stick to the guitar learning, but drools over the circle skins I have. The Youngest (5) from Santa wants a ball. <--just shocks me some of things he comes up with.

the Oldest (19) wants whatever is "in style" and grandkids (2 & 3 and another on the way) are everything and anything in the toy catalogue. The GF is fairly easy, Minus wanting a house of her own,(still working on that), a Tea-pot to match the rest of her dishes and slippers are scratched since I got her some tonight.


Now the middle one wants to do his own Christmas shopping for mom and myself, but for the life of me I have no idea what I want, to be honest, I'm just pleased to see them smile and be healthy. Soooooooooooo, let me have it, what's your little ones, significant others and yourself asking for? say $25 price range each item? Or/And if you could have anything you want with a max of $25. Tying not to limit anyone or any holiday as I don't know what gives what or how gifts are given for each holiday celebrated.

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