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Saw Stevie Wonder last night in Nashville


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Not to start a new thread, since this one will look a lot like the Stevie Wonder in Montreal thread, but I didn't even know Stevie was touring until I read it here. My wife did the legwork and found us some great seats about twenty rows back from the front corner of stage right.


Y'all didn't tell me Nathan Watts was playing bass!!!!!! Holy s*&t!!! Stevie came out and spoke as he has been doing and his voice sounded a little scratchy and phlegmy--I was worried. But then he sang and I can't say I've ever heard him better. His voice has matured and he hasn't lost one note of his incredible range--what a glorious instrument that guy's got. And while his playing was stellar, the concert drove home Stevie the singer/songwriter. Just listening to him perform what I consider to be the cornerstone of American Pop Music gave me chills.


There were only two distracting moments: Stevie had a singer come out with her husband on guitar and play a country song. Nothing special, but it gave Stevie a chance to rest his voice. And during "Superstition" a guy crawled on stage and whispered something into Stevie's ear before security politely dragged him off. Then he came back and the male bg singer gave him a mike. He made a feeble attempt at doing a verse of Superstition ('cause everybody in Nashville thinks they can perform that song), and then hung around the front of the stage uncomfortably while Stevie introduced the band. The guy was credentialed, but WTF? He eventually ambled off of his own accord. Odd.


But all in all, an amazing show. Catch it at all costs.



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I caught the show Thursday in Raleigh. Great show, and we were in center section, 6th row. Closer and we couldn't have seen as well, Stevie's head would have been behind the D6. To top it off, seats around us including the 4 in front of us were empty.


Stevie was a star. Yup, his range is still everything it used to be, and maybe even higher if that can be imagined.


I especially enjoyed several spots in the night when he went off the program and just started noodling, and began playing a few great covers, which his band quickly picked up (well, in most cases ... Mr Watts clearly didn't know one of the songs). It was a real spontaneous show and Stevie was clearly having a great time.


He played mostly all hits, and with so much passion it brought tears to my eyes. He got us on our feet and dancing, and he had fun getting us to sing along. Yeah, that took a lot of convincing. ;)


Stevie's my hero and I was thrilled to get to see him!


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