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Webinar questions


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Okay, sorry to appear retarded......but I have some questions about the webinars. I cannot seem to find comprehensive info on them as to what exactly goes down....I need straight info.


I notice the prices have come down 50% on the archive lessons, those already shown live. I also notice the free gifts are still available with the $15 purchase.




1) What is the difference regarding the 1/2 price reduction?


2)Did the other webinar offer the chance to ask Larry questions in real time?


3) If so is this via webcam/audio type deal or is it type in stuff and is it both Windows and Mac compatible?


4) While I have a very fast internet connection, are forumites with dial up not able to participate in this?



But the main question I cannot seem to get an answer on or find info on is....


5) Is this a one time viewing only? Can a purchaser view the material, for the initial purchase price, again or not? Someone mentioned 5 times in a reply but I cannot find that written anywhere.



The Mastering one with Craig Anderton looks very interesting except the prize stuff is all PC only I think? Some of us are Mac only.


Anyway, if these questions could be answered or if I could be pointed to where it is explained and I missed that....that would be great, thanks.


I apologize if these are dumb questions.



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Send an email to Matt Harper (mharper@musicplayer.com)...he is the EQ Editor, and I believe, is behind the organization of the webinars.


This is all new...so they may be working out some things as they go along.


For the live Mastering webinar...I'm not going to be near a computer at that time of the evening. (I think 6pm is an awkward time choice)...

...but I'm wondering just how comprehensive/worthwhile they really are or does it become mostly a "11 Top Mastering Tips" kind of thing that you see in trade rags every other month...and most of the tips are just common sense stuff, though I guess for any total newbie, they may be of value.


If you attened...I would love to hear your feedback on the type/quality of info that is given.

miroslav - miroslavmusic.com


"Just because it happened to you, it doesn't mean it's important."

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