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Logic Pro Multi Channel instrument outputs question

Dan South

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If I open a multi channel plug-in (like Ultrabeat) in Logic Pro, how can I set up individual Logic mixer sliders for each output? I'd like to be able to mix and effect each voice separately.


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Very easy. Once you have created the multi channel instance of ultrabeat, go into the mixer view and you will see a little 'plus' sign near the solo and mute buttons. Click on that a a track should appear next to the ultrabeat track and the input should be outs 3-4 of the multi channel ultrabeat.

Once you have that done go into ultra beat and select the sound you want to move to a different output. On the left side of the ultrabeat plug in is the list of sounds, their level, and what output they use (All are set to 'main' by default). When you click on 'main' a drop down menu should appear that allows you to select what output this sound goes to.


Hope that helps.

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