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By the way.....DAW purchase opportunity


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This is not spam....I saw this and feel it is a great deal I should let prospective DAW shoppers know about it.....a way to save about $800 on a DAW if one is considering Digidesign...Pro Tools which is PC and Mac compatible.


I hope this is okay to post here. Did not seem like it belonged in the For Sale thread....dunno, hope I am not crossing a line.


Digidesign....the Pro Tools people..... have replaced their 002 line with the 003.


Remaining 002's are being sold at great prices in places. Audiomidi.com has the 002Rack Factory.....which comes with a whole slew of extra plug in's, for $775. This is a great price. Granted they have been replaced with the 003 but the changes are minor and the 002 is rock solid, a nice setup, comes with Pro Tools 7 software, Ableton Live, Reason Adapted etc etc and there are a few free plug in's and synth modules available at the Digi site as well.


Considering that the new 003 Rack Factory is $1600, and that the changes between the two models is not that all much and that the software is exactly the same, this is a great deal...especially for someone looking for a nice Xmas present.....for themselves.....with the significant other paying for it of course...or mom...or dad.....


Just figured I would let you know.

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