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New Kawai piano / controller

Tom Fiala

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It seems that Kawai's claim to fame has always been their superb action, with the actual piano sounds lagging somewhat behind, comparatively. I played an MP-8 about a year ago, which generally supported this observation. Hopefully, the MP8-II has brought these two features more closely in line.

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Some previous discussion on the other new Kawai digital piano should be of interest - the lighter (non-wooden keys) MP5 which feature the exact same sounds as the MP8 II:



The impressions posted indicated that the sounds have been improved, although it seemed quite likely that the samples used were the same as the previous generation.


I think this calls for more people to go out there and test them out (i would if i can find one!) and post their impressions please :)

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I had a brief play of both the MP5 and MP8 at a Kawai dealer's a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I had just been playing a couple of superb Kawai acoustics just prior to trying the DPs, but even so I didn't think the sound of either was comparable to either my Yamaha CP33 or the Roland FP-4. Oh, and both weigh more than either the competitors mentioned.


I love Kawai acoustics and if I had unlimited money might even choose one above a Steinway, but the digitals just aren't up to par, IMO.

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I was actually fairly surprised by the quality of the MP8 pianos (both #1 and #2) over at that comparison site (sorry, the link is bookmarked on my home computer), so kawai has come a long ways. I even felt it was the best hardware piano available next to the GEM!


Even so, it is so heavy that it would be a stay-at-home piano like a CP300, so I personally am not considering one. If the same action was put in a standalone controller, that would be great.

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