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Are these Double neck guitars any good?


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They are selling these for $449.95 on ebay and they are called Davison guitars....I cannot seem to find much about them on Google.


But I also know you cannot expect much for $449.95 out of a double neck guitar....still it would be worth getting one if they played at least decent!


They come with a hard case and shipping is $50 so it would be about $500.00 Total.


has anyone had any experience with these double neck guitars or Davison in General?


Here is a link to one on ebay



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I don't know who Davidson is but they are made in Viet Nam. I have the builders/manufacturers web site bookmarked after the checking the eBay guitars. I did some digging and found where several of the more ornate ones came from.


That double neck is the same double neck on his site.

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Sounds like they play okay, but many said you had to replace all the hardware on them. And you would have to do it twice.
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Doublenecks weigh a ton and are prone to horrific neck-dive. I blame one for ongoing left-shoulder problems, and I played it in 1986!!!



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The Geoff - blame Caevan!!!

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I have one of these




That ain't mine but it's the same one. I got it new back around 1982 or 83. It's a Cort. It does weigh a ton. Mine needs a trip to the guitar tech, the toggle on the neck switch broke early one and somewhere it died all together, and the electronics need a going over in general. But it was good playing guitar and one of these days I'm going to get it back working again.



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