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replacing passive crossovers

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Hi all. First, thanks for all your past help - I ended up purchasing the Yorkville amplifiers and they are working very well. Here's my question: I'm working with brand new amps and old speakers. They generally have 1/4" inputs, but in the case of my Cerwin Vega subs, the parallel output is XLR. I'd like to switch the speakers over to Speakon, which would require purchasing new crossovers. Where can I find passive speaker crossovers suitable to this application? How much are they going to cost, ballpark? above all, is this worth my time? Thanks Ben
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Hey Ben, You don't need to change out your crossovers. All you need to do is change out the connector. Heck, you could even just parallel the speakon connector with out removing what's already there. I would only change the crossover if you want to modify the sound of your speaker.

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