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Music Publishing question...may be the wrong place...


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I don't know if this is the right place for this but here it goes.


I set up a music publishing company through BMI because I was in a documentary movie and played my acoustic guitar in part of the documentary. They said I had to play an original so I did and then they asked me if I was with Ascap or BMI and I joined BMI immediately there after and registered the song then notified the producer of my BMI status.


The documentary will be broadcasted soon on cable TV and I expect to make some money from it.


My question is that now I want to use some of my original music on an exercise DVD. This DVD will not be played over TV, Radio or in a movie. It will be sold via a website and I'm wondering does that count as a movie....I mean if my music is the background music in an exercise video isn't that the same as scoring a film?

Rob Robitaille


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