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New Computer?

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Dave, Try these sites (which also have forums) http://www.anandtech.com http://www.sharkyextreme.com both are PC hardware review sites, with an emphasis on high performance / gaming components. also http://www.tomshardware.com enjoy, building a new PC can be very rewarding. matt [quote]Originally posted by KikkyMonk: [b]Where can I go (forums and whatnot) for information on building a new computer? I am very computer literate, but don't know whats on the market right now so I need to brush up on it Dave[/b][/quote]
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[url=http://www.prorec.com]www.prorec.com[/url] has an article about how to build one if you need this information. I can tell you this, Asus motherboards are probably the best either for Intel or AMD systems. The current favorite seems to be the TUSL2-C for PIII Tualatin since the P4 is still not getting good reviews for DAW or the A7M-266 for Athlon. The P4 will probably get more attention when the Intel chipset comes out for DDR SDRAM.

Mac Bowne

G-Clef Acoustics Ltd.

Osaka, Japan

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