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Traveling............please help!


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Usually when I tour it is by road.....although this time it is for two dates across the country and I must fly.

I play Lull's and there is no way I am going to lose a bass in baggage!

My guitarist has always carried on his Les Paul in a hardshell case no problem.......has anyone ever carried on a bass in a soft case?


Any help would be appreciated

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I have travelled with a soft bag and I usually hang it in the closet with the suits..

you have to check with your airline to see if your plane has a closet..

I have also used the overhead..just be sure to board early.

I am travelling this week with two basses but am packing them in a gig bag and putting the bag in a shipping box and checking it as luggage...the airlines will handle this seperately since its fragile ..



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I've used my flightcases and was fine if you need a good gigbag to chun into an ATA i'd go with ritter. Also check gator as they do prety neat stuff




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